Here at Step Right Dance we pride ourselves on bringing students content that is age and developmental appropriate as well as engaging them with content that is up-to-date.

We know things are a little different at the moment with Covid-19 restrictions but we are all here to make these times as stress-free as possible. Our Online Learning Solutions include both Live and Recorded sessions so there is no need to worry if your internet service is not as good today as it was yesterday or vice versa.

We at Step Right Dance have done extensive research on the best and safest way to provide online classes while still adhering to our Studio Cultures, in particular Family First.

Our Online Class Committment

* 30min classes to ensure engagement

* Password protection for safety of all students

* Recorded content available at times that suit you

* Waiting rooms activiated for additional safety

* Zoom Room activated so only parents only need to set up 1 link

Many classes are multi age level depending on the skill level of the student. Please contact us to clarify where is the best class to start your student

Minis (2-5yrs) 2020 Timetable
Pre-Junior (4-8yrs) 2020 Timetable
Junior (7-11 yrs) 2020 Timetable
Pre-Teen (10-12yrs) 2020 Timetable
Teen (12-14yrs) 2020 Timetable
Senior (14-17yrs) 2020 Timetable
Adult 2020 Timetable
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Got Questions about dance, where to start, what might suit your student, or anything else?

Why not give us a call on 0422 886467 or drop us an email on info@steprighdance.com and see how we can help bring dance into your life

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