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Wow its 2019 already....


2019 brings heaps of fun new things to students at Step Right and all your teachers can't wait to see all your smiling faces again this year.

We have one special new face - Miss Lauren Erickson, who joins us to expand our Cheerleaders knowledge. We welcome Miss Lauren with open arms.


Did you see all the new classes we have this year. Plenty to wet your appetite. Wow - so exciting.


Acrobatics. Using the Acrobatic Arts Syllubus we will be offering exams to acro students for the first time in 2019. Each student will need to perform the skills from the prior level before moving up. The Acrobatics Arts Syllubus is an exciting addition to our program.


Ballet Technique - This class is aimed at students 12yrs and under and focuses on muscle memory techniques to aim the dancer in their ballet (and really all genres).


Pre-Pointe & Pointe - This class is designed with the adolescent body in mind. This class will partly use our ball & theraband techniques for muscle memory but will also focus on the specific strength required in our student's bodies to prepare them & aide them in pointe work


Commerical Jazz - Ever wanted to dance like they do in the music videos? - the PG & M ones I'm referring to (as we still are very mindful of 'age-appropriateness'). Well this is for you. And Open type class designed for students of Jazz level Bronze Star and above. Non-examable type class.


Lyrical Jazz - Did you enjoy many of our Lyrical routines at our 2017 Concert? Well you will enjoy this class. Designed as an extention of Ballet / Jazz, students of Brozne Star level and above will love the emotional side with this lyrical class.


Heels - Looking to expand your cabaret style. Join Miss Steph for a fun class PG/M rated ;)



Heaps of Fun dance times ahead :)


See you, ready for class - 4th Feb 2019 xxx