Let's fight away the Winter Blues together!

Whether you are a Lover or Hater of Winter it is generally a time where we are our most sedentary. We use it as an EXCUSE to not go out, not engage with others, and fill our bodies with a bit extra stuff that it doesn't need.


We are here to help you make it to Spring happier, healthier, and ready to jump into the new season with a spring in your step (pun intended)

A Challenge with a DIFFERENCE!

There are so many challenges out there today. Weightloss here, Strong Faster there.

But what makes this Challenge different?

The Winter Warrior Challenge 2019 is about YOU!

It's about you making healthy habits

It's about making connections

It's about having accountability

It's about having a community of support behind you

So WHY is this Challenge suitable for me?

We want to help you make 3 changes during these 8 weeks that will set you up for Spring and beyond.

1 Food, 1 Fitness, 1 Mental wellbeing.

Small steps lead to Great Leaps

You choose what is right for you and we help you make these small changes.

For example maybe your Food Change might be reduce the number of sugars in your coffee each day, or plan your meals during the week

Maybe your Fitness Change is meet friends for a walk (& a chat) every Friday, or add Monday night Zumba class to your schedule. Your Mental Wellbeing Change could be 'I will get 7.5 hours sleep every night' or 'I'll set aside 30min each day to relax & listen to my favourite music'.

What do I get?

The Winter Warrier Challenge 2019 runs for 8 weeks

01/06/2019 to 27/07/2019

During that time you will get:

  • 8 weeks of Unlimited awesome fitness classes to choose from: Zumba, VeraFlow, PoundFit, Bootcamps - value $264
  • Personal measurements and statistics to keep you motivated
  • 2 Jars of JuicePlus Fruit & Veg capsules or 2 bags of Fruit & Veg chews - value $158.40
  • Weekly check-ins and accountability
  • Fun family events along with way
  • Food Diary
  • Healthy Recipes
  • Weekly motivation coaching
  • Healthy habits tools
  • and the chance to win the Prize Pool

All of this for only $200

$200 upfront or $29/week direct Debit

How does the Challenge Work?

Our goal for you in this challenge is to STAY MOTIVATED and what motivates most of us?


So you are going to INVEST $200 in YOURSELF!

$10 of this investment is going to the PRIZE POOL where anyone who completes the Challenge CAN WIN!

So what do I have to do to Complete the CHALLENGE?

  1. Attend at least 8 Step Right Dance Fitness Classes - there are Zumba, VeraFlow, PoundFit and Bootcamps to choose from
  2. Set 3 changes to make to work towards - 1 Food, 1 Fitness, 1 Mental Wellbeing
  3. Complete your Weekly Motivation Diary each week and hand it in at class or via email


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