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Step Right into 2023
- The Plan

Yes there is a plan

We want to help you achieve the right mindset that works for YOU. We want to help provide you accountability without treating you like a child. The Step Right into 2023 challenge is not about depriving you of things, but about helping you make healthier choices that suit you and your family. 

We have included a few weekend outings that the whole family can attend that cost either nothing to do or are very low cost. 

We are also not going to MAKE you attend a million of classes every week, it is your choice how much or how little you do. We are here to guide you and help you have FUN along the way.

What fitness classes are there to choose from I hear you ask. Well there is Zumba 7pm Mondays, Pilates 8:30pm Mondays & 7:15pm Tuesdays , VeraFlow (dance style stretching) & PoundFit 7:45pm Wednesdays and Bootcamp 7am Saturdays. 

We will have a short information session on Saturday 7th January after Bootcamp so you have everything you need to stay on track.

Business Plan
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