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Introductory Experience

at Step Right Studios

Starting a NEW after school activity can be a daunting task for you, the parent, as well as your child.

Will they like it?

Will they fit in?

Will they stick to it?

Is this even the type of dance that they were interested in?

We understand finding the right activity and then the right place to do that activity is a difficult decision

so we are here to try to reduce some of the pain associated with these decisions.

We know that the first few weeks at anything are always the hardest and your child may not jump in with both feet to new things on the first try and who wants to fork out all that money on uniforms & shoes etc if you aren't sure they are going to stick with it.

This is exactly why we introduced our 4 week "Introductory Experience".

Here, students are able to try 1 class per week for 4 weeks for a low, no risk price.

No obligation, no uniform costs, no shoe purchases, and no registration fee.


It is as simple as:

  1. Choose the class your child would like to try for the next 4 weeks from our age group timetables below on the left

  2. Click on the Blue 'Register Here' button for your selected age group

  3. Select the class you were interested in

  4. Complete a few details about yourself and your child

  5. Pay the $50 and that's it.

We will send you a confirmation email and look forward to making your dance experience a GREAT one! 

Click below to receive our Introductory Experience Trial information (based on school grade levels)

Need some more info or help? 

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