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"we don't teach kids to make great dancers,
we teach dance to make great kids."


Check out some of what we offer

Step Right Dance Tiny Tot Classes

Introductory Experience

Is there a budding dancer in your household eager to try dance classes but you're just not too sure where to start? With this deal you receive 1 class per week for 4 weeks for a low price.No obligation, no uniform or shoe purchases required and no registration fee
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17yr + Classes

Dance is not just about the students that started when they were first at school. Any time is a great time to start. Join us for our classes that are perfect for any experience level. 
Jazz Tech
Showgirl Heels
Commercial Heels
and many more options

Zumba with Janine

STEPRIGHT Petites Classes

This play-based learning class offers your little one the opportunity to improve their socialisation skills, gross motor skills and 

teaches the basics of movement, creativity and music in an encouraging and supportive environment. 

We have heaps of options to suit your little groover:

  • Dance with Me : watch their confidence grow as our littlest students dance through play with a parent/guardian by their side;

  • Combined genre class : Here our pre-school dancers learn independence while learning Ballet, Tap and Jazz all in one class through play and imagination;

  • Mini Acro : learn the basics of acrobatics such as flexibility, tumbling, balance and limbering

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Step Right Dance Ballet exams


Music education can be an amazing tool for helping children develop. Engaging them creatively. Challenging them intellectually. The study of music does more than just create musicians. It :

  • sharpens memory;

  • improves handwriting;

  • helps with emotional expression;

  • improves a child’s speed of reading;

  • teaches you discipline;

  • and among other things, it’s fun


Adult Dance and Fitness

Not a fan of the gym culture? Join us for fun, social, non-judgemental fitness and dance classes. Within our adult fitness classes we offer Zumba, PoundFit, Veraflow, Bootcamp and adult Tap, Hip Hop, Ballroom and Ballet classes. 
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