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Triple A Dance Classes

Did you know that taking dance classes can have amazing benefits for your health and well-being? Dancing can improve your physical health by increasing your balance, coordination, strength, and flexibility. It can also improve cognitive function, reduce the risk of cognitive decline, and combat loneliness and isolation. Plus, dancing can be a fun and uplifting activity that can improve your mood and reduce stress.

Have you heard of Triple A dance classes? These classes presented by Step Right Studios that are designed specifically for you - an Ageless Active Adult. 

Triple A classes

  • Fun and engaging dance classes designed specifically for Ageless Active Adults

  • Suitable for all fitness levels and abilities

  • Improves physical health by increasing balance, coordination, strength, and flexibility

  • Enhances cognitive function and reduces the risk of cognitive decline

  • Promotes social connection and combats loneliness and isolation

  • Uplifting activity that improves mood and reduces stress

  • Experienced and friendly instructors who provide a supportive and inclusive environment

Beginner Ballet & Beginner Tap combo Tuesdays 1pm,

Begineer Ballet & Zumba Gold Wednesday 12pm

Can't commit to a Term? Enjoy these classes causally for Just $17 / class

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